Oliver Hanraths

Information Professional, Web Developer, Free Software Prosumer.

Portrait of Oliver Hanraths

Public Codes

A selection of some of my public, free software projects:

For additional codes, please see my Gitea instance and my GitLab and GitHub profiles.

Arch Linux Repositories

At suruatoel.xyz/arch I offer unofficial Arch Linux repositories with packages from the AUR.


Following a list of my recently published articles:

Conferences and Events

A selection of cenferences and events I attended in the past few years:


A (short) list of my scientific publications:


I offer consulting for Knowledge Management, Knowledge Organisation Systems, Controlled Vocabularies and web development. With deep knowledge of HTML5, RDF, RDFa/Microdata and generic XML I guide you from the frontend level down to the backend development with PHP, Java, Python and C while keeping a strong focus on documentation. People like to work with me because of my structural approach and clear communication.