Questlab is a web application that allows anyone to rework learning content in a game-based manner. For this purpose the application provides a set of game elements and game mechanics which can be configured to be suitable for a specific content. Thus an interactive learning environment will be created which engages the user’s intrinsic motivation.

The project was founded in 2013, supported by the promotion fund of the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf (Germany), under the name Die Legende von Zyren (eng: The Legend of Zyren). The goal was to impart the learning content of the course Wissensrepräsentation (eng: Knowledge Representation) with game elements and game models to the students of Information Science. This innovative learning environment consisted of a virtual text-based adventure which was accessible via a web-based platform and non-virtual games in class in which the students dived into the adventure and competed in teams against each other.

To generalise the concept and to make it available to other faculties and courses, the project Questlab (working title: The Legendof Z) was started in 2014. Teachers are able to use the application to create their own tasks (Quests) and to embed these into a story designed by them. Furthermore, a Responsive Design has been added and provides best access from all mobile devices.



A user documentation as well as a technical documentation and an installation guide can be found in the wiki at GitHub.


Repository: questlab@github
Licence: GPL v3